Sumter County Fair   - Entertainment


 Magic of Lance Gifford

An award winning entertainer with two great shows and a stage to put it all on! Lance Gifford provides so much more that just amazing magic shows and spell binding hypnosis shows. Lance travels with his own stage! This stage is quite the sight on your midway, it is a whopping 53' x 26', completely self contained with professional sound and lighting. When you book Lance you also get the stage for free!

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 Rosaire Royal Racers

Rosaire's Royal Racers is a family owned and operated company, performing for audiences across the nation! It's a free show for all the patrons at your event. Featuring three different breeds of pigs at each and every 20-30 minute show throughout the day! This truly is a show for the ENTIRE family! Kids and adults alike ALWAYS "squeal" with delight as these speedy swine fly around the 180ft all aluminum track in about 7 seconds! Cheerleaders or "Pig Rooters" from the audience are picked to represent each pig... when their pig wins they receive FREE prizes!

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 Los Moralitos circus

We are 4th generation circus performers taking great pride in putting together a first class professional performance for children of all ages. We showcase professional tumbling, acrobats, unicycles, aerialists, and to make all of this more fun for the kids, we have our own very funny clown. We believe you will absolutely love our show of very high-level energy!

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 Primetime Amusements


From the excitement of arriving at the Primetime Amusements midway and catching the first glimpse of our exciting rides and smelling fresh spun cotton candy, to your last few moments on the midway when your turning green from riding one-to-many rides at the end of the night, we leave you with you with a memorable trip to the fair! Our goal is to provide the most fun that any human, extra-terrestrial, or imaginary friend could ever have at the carnival, all whilst doing so with smiling faces. We have over 50+ years of combined experience at helping make magical moments come true. Rider safety is our single top priority. Our team of expert mechanics, electricians, and supervisors make sure our attractions are always running in tip-top shape and safe for the public to ride. They are around night and day, keeping you safe while on our midway.

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 Outdoor Sportsman’s EXPO

Located in the old poultry building is a display of the latest in boats, large and small. 4-wheelers, personal water craft, hunting blinds, deer stands, kayaks, camping equipment and more. Display booths from many different conservation groups involved in water fowl, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.

 5 Star Petting Zoo

We offer an Unique experience for children of all ages, you will have a SMILE on your face guaranteed!a Camel- Zebra- Goat- Sheep- Miniature Donkey- Zedonk- Miniature Horse- Llama + exotics aminals